K1 Speed - August 17, 2019


By Tyler Johnson

On Saturday, August 24, the San Diego BMW CCA chapter hosted a great event at the K1 Speed Karting facility in downtown San Diego. The day started off meeting in the parking lot which became a mini car show. Coffee in hand and hoods popped open, you could really tell there was pride in ownership. We had a couple of M2s, a few M3s, and even a Z4 M Coupe to name a few cars at the event.

The group raced in three races for some intense battles against the clock and bragging rights. Toshi claimed the top lap time of the day with a blistering 21.930s and won two of the three races. A true ringer! The action was intense with everyone having a great time on track. One of the sessions we had the course to ourselves which enabled some time to really practice your line and braking points. In between sessions, we discussed tire grip, kart power, racing line, and how best to make a pass without losing the pass in the next corner. The racing was truly wheel to wheel—something we don’t get in autocross and track events for obvious reasons, because who wants to scratch their BMW?! Bring on the Miata and Corvette clubs as we have some fast racers in our group!

After the race, the group walked to a local brewery just a few blocks away for lunch. One of the attendees was a BMW mechanic from a local BMW dealer. Needless to say he got plenty of questions!

All in all, everyone had a great time and met some new friends. Be sure to join us next time at one of our chapter events!