BMW CCA Time Trial

Time Trial differs from the Traditional BMW Driving School format in that Times are recorded and posted after every track session.
Additionally there is NO Instruction. To start out we will be keeping things very simple with run format and classing.
The Day will consist of 4 track sessions, after the first session of the day, each session will be Gridded according to the previous sessions Lap Times. At the end of the day, the Best Single Lap of the day will be the Final Result.

Vehicle and Safety Requirements

All cars are legal (convertible with Racing Legal Roll Cage, i.e. Spec Miata)
Safety requirements are the same as HPDE (except convertibles)
All Cars Must be Teched Prior to event
Helmets must be Snell 2010 or newer

On Track Rules

Point By Passing
2 off: Black Warning stick
Second 2 off: Black Flag
4 off: Black Flag
2nd Black Flag during the day: Parked for the remainder of current session
3rd Black Flag in a Day: Parked for the remainder of the Day


  • TBD
  • Possibly
    • All M Cars
    • All Non M Cars
    • All Non BMW

Driver Eligibility

Hold Race License (BMWCCA, PCA, POC, NASA, SCCA)
Hold Time Trial License (PCA, POC, NASA, SCCA)
Instructor (BMWCCA or MotorSportSafety Level 2)
Experienced Driver (Supply driving Credentials for Review)
For Questions Contact: Matthew Kogan (