This is the form that our inspectors use for every autocross, car control and practice event. Make sure that your car will pass tech before you show up the morning of the event. Email with questions.

Tech Inspection Items for Autocross

  • While autocrossing, cars will experience far higher g-forces than during normal commuting. ALWAYS be on the lookout for items that look improperly, insecurely, or inadequately mounted.
  • If driver has not emptied car of loose items, send them out of the line. Don’t make exceptions.

Outside the car

  • If present, are car numbers securely attached?
  • Brakes: Pads have adequate thickness? Pads, shoes, drums, rotors in good condition?
  • Cameras: Mounted securely
  • Exhaust: Securely mounted and in good working order. Volume—dB limit of 91 at Qualcomm.
  • Tires: Must show no cracks, blisters or cords.
  • Fronts should match in size and wear. Rears should match in size and wear. Tires must be correct size for wheels mounted and must not be stretched on wheel or oversized.
  • Wheels: Are lug nuts/bolts are torqued to manufacturer's specs? Cracked or bent wheels not allowed. All wheel bolts/lugs must be present. If using stud/lug bolt combo, must be a minimum of 5 threads protruding from lug nut.

Under the hood

  • Battery: Is the battery secured with a proper harness? (bungee cords are not acceptable - if held in with a strap, must be ratcheting.) Is the battery leaking?
  • Belts: Fan and drive belts tight? No cracks or slipping?
  • Fluids: No fluid leaks are permitted while the vehicle’s engine is running (fuel, oil, coolant, power steering, trans, diff, brake).
  • Brakes: Must have no leaks under pressure and have adequate fluid.
  • Front strut mounts: Tight? Condition?
  • Intake - if aftermarket - ensure it’s mounted properly/securely
  • Visual check on motor mounts, especially on older cars (e30, 2002, etc…)
  • Excessive or unnecessary debris under hood
  • General inspection under the hood looking for anything that looks loose or improperly mounted. Check for loose wires, loose headlight ballasts, etc.
  • Check coolant hoses for swelling or damage. Inspect radiator for leakage.

Inside the car and trunk

  • Cameras: Mounted securely?
  • Floor mats: Removed?
  • Helmet: Rated Snell 2010 or newer? Full-face and visor for open-wheeled cars?
  • Loose items and mounted items removed? (garage door openers, change, items in door pockets, floor jacks, radar detector, etc. Cameras are OK if mounted correctly)
  • Seats: Securely installed? All headrests in place?
  • Seat belts (or harnesses): Must be properly installed and in good condition. Same for driver and passenger? Securely fasten? After market items correctly installed?
  • Windows: Driver and passenger windows retract fully?