Holiday Tour - Dec 2, 2018

Holiday Tour 12-18 IMG_6063_LG.jpg

The last Tour of the year was held on December 2 and what a beautiful day it turned out to be, both in weather and in the company we shared on the road.

Drivers and passengers started gathering in the middle of the Rancho San Diego Village Parking Lot at the end of the 94 and Campo Road at around 8:30am. When I arrived to set up the sign-in table, there was only a bright blue F10 M5 Sharknado and a beautiful red 1962 Triumph TR3B with the top down. By the time the driver’s briefing began at 9:15am, there were about 70 people. This was definitely shaping up to be a good day.

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Holiday Tour 12-18 IMG_6066_LG.jpg

After a chat about the event to come and road safety, respectful driving, we headed east on 94/Campo through Indian Springs and Lyons Valley Rd which had its share of ascending and descending hills and some 2nd gear turns. We eventually passed under the 8 on the 79 and onto Old Highway 80. This led us to a left onto an old favorite: Sunrise Highway. As expected for any roads in higher altitudes around Mt. Laguna in December, a white dusting had occurred sometime earlier and evidence of this was not only along the side of the road, but also some slush directly in the road not in direct sunlight. I even heard my BMW chime warning of the icy conditions outside. Does the top in that Triumph go up?

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Our group’s mixture of aftermarket and M Performance exhausts rumbled through the strip on Main Street Julian, turning more than a few heads. Fortunately, we weren’t stopping for lunch along Main Street as parking a hoard of auto enthusiasts would have been quite a challenge. We were still ten minutes away from our destination and those ten minutes were spent on a windy Wynola Rd before ending at Jeremy's on the Hill which served an excellent farm-to-table menu: thanks to Theresa and her excellent staff for accommodating our large group and began seating us even before they officially opened that morning.

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Thank you to everyone who joined us on this amazing Holiday Tour. It was great to see everyone have such a great time as well as practicing safe and controlled driving through the 74 miles of wonderful county roads. I look forward to another great turnout on our first Tour of 2019: Sunday, March 3. Hope to see you there!