Autocross Sunday Practice - September 8


If you’re looking to hone your advanced autocross skills or if you want to dial in your car, then join us for a morning of autocross practice at SDCCU Stadium West Lot. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and plenty of tire tread, because we’ll get a lot of laps in. This event has no instruction, so it is not suitable for novices. This event has no onsite registration. Our timing system will be running, but times will not be recorded and no trophies will be awarded as this is not a competitive event.

Note that lunch will not be served as this is a half-day event.

Signup at

Womans Car Control Clinic - September 14


Improve your driving skills, increase your confidence, and experience your car’s capabilities in a fun, safe and stress-free environment! Through our classroom sessions, car-control exercises and practice, you will learn skills and techniques that will be applicable to real-world driving situations. Our classroom instructor will discuss proper hand, mirror and seating positions, looking ahead, cornering techniques, oversteer and understeer, accident avoidance and much more. Our experienced driving instructors will help you master the car control exercises in the morning and then in the afternoon, we’ll do all the exercises in succession in one big course.

Signup online at for $60. Registration includes breakfast muffins, lunch and lost of time driving your car.