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Rich Gehring Memorial - Spring Fling Autocross - SE Lot

Online Registration opens March 15
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Come on out to Qualcomm's Southeast Lot on Saturday, April 29, and celebrate a special event with us! The Spring Fling autocross commemorates Rich Gehring, who was the backbone of our Chapter for over 30 years. Rich served on the San Diego Chapter Board of Directors in many different roles, but the role that he was famous for was that of Equipmentmeister. Rich kept all of our autocross and driving school equipment, along with our truck and trailer, in perfect working order for more years than we can remember. He was at every autocross and HPDE, where he would help set up and run the event. Rich gave an immeasurable gift to our chapter through his time, generosity, knowledge, and experience. His exceptional kindness and his genuine smile continue to inspire us.

Back in his day, Rich won more than his share of autocross trophies, so celebrate his memory by engaging in one of his favorite events--a fast and fun San Diego Chapter autocross!

The helmet standard has changed to require Snell 2010 or 2015 ratings. Check yours now to be sure it’s up to date—rentals are very limited.