Online registration is $70 and includes 8 practice runs and at least 3 timed runs. We also provide breakfast muffins and lunch. If you register the morning of the event it is $20 extra and openings are NOT guaranteed. Sign up online to save money and secure your spot.

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Cancellation Policy

Here are our upcoming events including car control clinics!

  • Sat, December 14, West Lot, Autocross

  • Sat January 11, 2020 West Lot, Autocross

  • Sat February 8 2020, Lot to be announced

  • Sat March 14 2020, South East Lot

  • Sat April 18 2020, West Lot

  • Sat June 13 2020, South East Lot


* The helmet standard requires Snell 2010 or 2015 ratings.

* All **cars MUST be under a 91 dB noise level** and we’ll be checking!

Over 91 dB = no autocross.