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Here are our upcoming events including car control clinics!

Sat, Jun 2 – Runoff Autocross – West Lot
Sat, Jul 14 – Car Control Clinic – West Lot (Online reg only; no walkups)
Sat, Jul 14 – Open Practice – West Lot (Online reg only; no walkups)
Sat, Aug 18 – SE Lot
Sat, Oct 13 – West Lot
Sat, Nov 17 – Women's Car Control Clinic
Sat, Dec 15 – West Lot
Sat, Jan 5 – West Lot


  • The helmet standard has changed to require Snell 2010 or 2015 ratings. Check yours now to be sure it’s up to date as rentals are limited.
  • All cars MUST be under a 91 dB noise level and we’ll be checking! Over 91 dB = no autocross.