Mother May I? Autocross
Power before Flowers on
Saturday, May 12

BMW South County

Online Registration will be open from April 21 - May 8
at MotorsportReg

The first 20 non-BMWs to register are guaranteed a spot

Yes you may! On the day before Mother’s Day, yes you may enjoy the life your mom gave you by using your car to its fullest on Qualcomm’s 200,000 sq. ft. West Lot.  Yes you may . . . play for a day, and still have time to pay tribute on the moms in your midst on their special day.  And some moms will be helmeting up with us on Saturday.  If this is your first autocross of the year, remember the helmet standard changed in January to require Snell 2005 or 2010 ratings.  Check yours to be sure it’s up to date—rentals are limited. We truly appreciate BMW of South County in El Cajon for their hearty support of our Autocross program. With online registration, local drivers, long-distance travelers and non-BMW competitors can reserve their spot, so don’t miss it.  You can register between April 21st - May 8th.  Online registration opens 3 weeks before the event and closes just a few days before.  Don’t wait until the last minute because it’s still first-come, first-served (with no online waiting list) and our 100 spots sometimes fill up in advance.  We’ll still offer registration on-site if any openings are left.  

The entry fee is $65, including breakfast items, lunch and beverages.  You can pay online if you register in advance at MotorsportReg,or register on site with cash or check if you wait.  You must be a BMW CCA member to participate, and you can join online at BMW CCA in advance.  Please print and bring your membership confirmation if you have not yet received your BMW CCA membership card.  We check membership of all participants at the gate.  Our Chapter autocross policy gives priority to members who are driving BMWs or MINIs. Members driving non-BMWs will be allowed to participate if space is available.  If we still have openings after online registration, we will allow registration on-site on a first-come, first-served basis.

When you arrive:

  1. If you registered online, stop at the gate to sign the waiver and notify the Gate Greeter. Your name will be checked off the pre-registration list. All participants must show their BMW CCA membership card. Those who did not register online will receive a numbered card at the gate in their order of arrival; take it to the Registration table. There is no guarantee that spots will be available for those who wait to register the day of the event.
  2. Empty all loose items from your car, then go through the Tech Line and have your car inspected. Bring your Tech card and you will receive Tech and helmet stickers.
  3. Take Gate card and Tech card to Registration to get checked off for pre-registration or pay your $65 entry fee.  You will receive car numbers to place on your side windows.
  4. If you don’t have a helmet, you can rent one from the club for $10.
  5. Your entry fee of $65.00 includes one lunch and unlimited beverages. Additional lunches can be purchased at Registration for $7 each.


6:30 AM Gates Open
7:00 AM Tech and registration opens
7:30 AM Onsite registration closes
8:20 AM Tech closes. No cars will be inspected or allowed to run after this time.
8:30 AM Mandatory drivers meeting
9:00 AM Course opens for runs

Car Classifications:

4C ALL 4 cylinder BMW models (except E30 M3)
6S Stock 6 or 8 cylinder BMWs up to 295 stock horsepower
6M Modified 6 or 8 cylinder BMWs up to 295 stock horsepower
TS Stock 6-8-12 cylinder BMWs over 295 stock hp, M cars before 1994
TM Modified 6-8-12 cylinder BMWs over 295 stock hp, M cars before 1994
MS Stock M cars, 1994 - present
MM Modified M cars, 1994 - present
MC ALL R-class MINI Cooper models
X ALL non-BMW or MINI models
G Gold Class for all Instructors, opt-in drivers, and cars with slick tires

Stock classes permit any size wheel and tire; non-stock shock absorbers, bushings and strut braces; any brake pad material (brakes must be stock-size), any air filter or cold air intake or cat-back exhaust; and naturally-aspirated cars may use aftermarket engine management software.  Tires must be 140 treadwear rated or higher in Stock. ANY other performance modification, including but not limited to springs, “R”-compound tires, and engine software for turbocharged/supercharged cars, puts the car in Modified.  Non-DOT tires (i.e. slicks) on any car place it in Gold Class.  All cars must be under a 92 dB noise level to be driven at Qualcomm - and we'll be checking. Our car classes are kept simple so we can use the honor system.

Women drivers and Novices are classified based upon the car they are driving. We also award a Women's Class trophy to the woman with the fastest time, and two Novice trophies to the two fastest novices. This means women and novices will be eligible for multiple trophies.  For example, a very fast novice could win a novice trophy and a trophy in his car class. Remember, you are only a novice for the first and second time you autocross, and if you win a trophy you are now a ringer, not a novice.

QUESTIONS? Contact Dan Tackett at:

ATTENTION NEWCOMERS: See the Autocross Tips to get a better idea of how to prepare for this wonderfully addictive sport for your first time.

See you at Qualcomm Stadium!