We started a new points series with the February 4 autocross.  The series will run until the end of the year.  

All autocross participants will automatically be entered into the series. 

We will discard your lowest two event scores when we tally the results.    

The points structure uses a formula that is based on your time: (class-winning time / your time) * 100.  For example: if 1st place turned a 62.837 and you place 4th with a 64.123, and you will receive 97.99 points.

If you switch classes during the season, we will use the class in which you received the most points.  In other words, only the points accrued in one class will count toward your total.

You must class your car appropriately and we will verify before awarding trophies. If you have questions about classes, please ask for help. Any protests of drivers or cars will be handled as follows: contact the Protest Chair (Matthew Kogan) and he will re-class the driver/car to the appropriate class with no other penalty. Any protest beyond a reclassification will be reviewed by the Protest Chair and all decisions will be final.